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Basil Johnston: Is that all there is? Tribal literature: what readers want to know

text from jpeg:

are interested in the
of people of
other races
& cultures.
they want to know
what other
believe in,
what they
what they expect &
hope for
in this life &
in the next, how they keep
law & order &
harmony within
the family &
how & why they
celebrated ceremonies,
what made them
ashamed, what
made them happy, whatsad.
understand what they want to know & learn
does not matter much, they still want to know in order
to enrich their own insights & broaden their outlooks.
— basil h.johnston (ojibwa b.1929)
is that all there is? tribal literature

basil johnston was born on the perry island reserve and received his education at cape croker public school, the spanish residential school, loyola college (montreal), and the ontario college of education. johnston has spoken on and has taught ojibwa history, language, and cluture in a variety of settings, from university conferences to public schools. his writing includes translations, language primers, satire, autobiography, fiction, essays, poems, reviews and material for children. his publications include ojibway heritage (1976), how the birds got their colors (1978), moose meat and wild rice (1976), indian school days (1988) and the manitous: the spiritual world of the ojibway (1993).

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