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Laura Conaway, The Maddow Blog: ‘GOP sabotages economy’ meme, now with bumper sticker

GOP sabotages economy’ meme, now with bumper sticker
by Laura Conaway, November 7, 2011

Our pal Steve Benen notes the New York Times editorial board openly saying Republicans are wrecking the economy for their own political gain. He writes:

Voters’ understanding of the political process is severely limited, and many Americans likely fail to appreciate the role Congress must play in policymaking. There are no doubt plenty of voters thinking, “Sure, Republicans are sabotaging the economy, but why can’t Obama just go around them?” unaware of the fact that, on a grand scale, this isn’t an option.

As for voters seeing the Republicans’ strategy as one of sabotage, the bumper sticker above keeps landing in our inbox.

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