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Richard Kearns, AIDSoverSIXTY: Coolest new unfinished corkscrew willow walking stick

Coolest new unfinished corkscrew willow walking stick
by Richard Kearns, November 3, 2011


have been on the lookout for a wood cane (as opposed to a walking stick, which is longer). an internet search led to the corkscrew willows at wuppensticks site, up by Vancouver. it was love at first sight, but the nameless sage & stickmaker (pictured below, carrying raw sticks) was out of stock in the size i needed. he describes his process making sticks at the site.

then, suddenly, the universe made a move & an unfinished corkscrew willow cane of the appropriate length & girth showed up today at Out Of The Closet in Los Angeles. pictures are from the wupensticks site and show roughly what the finished product will look like. there’s even room enough at the bottom for a rubber cap.

have to figure out how to varnish or polish it — something that dries quickly. will make a bit of a ritual out of it.

way beyond cool


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