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Richard Kearns, Response to AIDS dot gov / Nat’l Minority AIDS Council Survey

Response to AIDS dot gov / Nat’l Minority AIDS Council Survey
by Richard Kearns, October 31, 2011

Speakers for the Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions at the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) are interested in hearing what your ideas and questions are on the U.S. government’s response to the HIV epidemic in the U.S. and NMAC look forward to integrating your questions in the sessions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts by Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

What question and/or solution do you have about the U.S. government’s response to implementing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and working toward ending the HIV epidemic in the U.S.?

Long-Term care has been eviscerated by the current round of budget cuts. Two-thirds of men over 50 living with AIDS live by themselves, as opposed to the straight community, where two-thirds of men over 50 live with at least one other family member. For PWAs like me, long-term care involves issues of housing as well as adequate care. We need access to long-term care. Both issues need to be addressed in an AIDS plan. (I am 60 & have AIDS for 30 years & live in an assisted care institution). Are we to be dumped by the side of the road or on the street in the hopes that we will die quickly? I’m sure it would be cheaper just to shoot us all, but is cheapness the hallmark of good policy? I worked and paid taxes all my life so Eric Cantor can have $100 glass of wine with his meal and I can be denied care?. How do we adjust the AIDS plan for the madness of an out-of-control presidential election season? What must I do to stay alive?

Please share your thoughts by November 2 by going to this link Exit Disclaimer.


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