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John Aravosis, AMERICAblogGAY: White House refusing to comment on gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny’s death

White House refusing to comment on gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny’s death
by John Aravosis, October 21, 2011

Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade is right to bring this up. It’s been ten days.  It’s odd that the White House has yet to comment on Kameny’s death. He was a gay rights pioneer. The Smithsonian even put up a special exhibit of his protest signs to mark his passing. In that context, it’s weird to see the White House squirming about putting out a statement. Now, the openly gay OPM director did put out a statement and write an op ed in the Blade, the local gay paper. And that’s great, but he’s not the President. This is a civil rights pioneer who just died. His life, and his lifetime of service to our community, deserve to be noted by the President himself.  This should be a no-brainer.

There’s no excuse for messing up on the little things like this.


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