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Jeremy Hooper, Good As You: Photo: A mutant strain of NOM misrepresentation, Part 2

Photo: A mutant strain of NOM misrepresentation, Part 2
by Jeremy Hooper, October 25, 2011 


i am astonished at the ability to track photo usage like this. i like the way the internet and technology can whistleblow, though i don’t suppose i’d be too happy if it were my fingers in the pot. but it’s also a testament to the human eye as well as the human heart.



Last night, I showed you how the National Organization For Marriage, staunch pro-DOMA warriors, are using a crowd shot from a rally in support of now-President Obama, staunch anti-DOMA voice, in order to beef up their reliably paltry rally pics. Now comes one more, from the same NOM-branded New Hampshire For Marriage site. And this one is even worse than before in the way it so clearly attempts to make NOM president Brian Brown’s speech seem well-attended:

NOM’s image:

The source for the left portion of the above collage? Here:

Again: A completely different state, time period, and cause. But of course the same obvious attempt to make the NOM movement look formidable.

That they’d even consider doing something like this is just so telling.


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