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SF Chronicle Editorial: Kamala Harris needs to speak up on medicinal pot

Kamala Harris needs to speak up on medicinal pot
SF Chronicle Editorial, October 19, 2011

As the Obama ad-ministration escalates its threats to crack down on California’s medical marijuana dispensaries, two voices have been conspicuously silent: state Attorney General Kamala Harris and Gov. Jerry Brown, her predecessor.

Is she going to vigorously defend the dispensaries if the feds attempt to shut them down? Does she agree with the U.S. attorneys that some of them are not only in violation of federal law but also are criminal enterprises that break even the state’s lax guidelines – and, if so, why hasn’t the state’s top prosecutor done anything about them?

If the state’s laws on medical marijuana are more than a bit amorphous – as Harris the candidate acknowledged – then when is she going to go to the Legislature to advocate for tighter and more consistent state rules?

We asked the attorney general’s office for her reaction when the crackdowns were announced on Oct. 7. We’ve been waiting, and waiting, for a response. Are she and Brown going to lead, or wait for the feds to run out of patience?

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