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Chris Ryan, AMERICAblog: Highest CEO pay in US is tied to Big Pharma and Health Care

Highest CEO pay in US is tied to Big Pharma and Health Care
by Chris Ryan, October 14, 2011

Anyone want to take a guess why the American health care system is a mess and expensive? This certainly should give everyone reason to stop the madness of not negotiating drug prices. There’s no reason at all to not have the US government negotiate drug prices and anyone who argues against it really hates capitalism and the American way. Seriously. The other Western countries all negotiate prescription drug prices which is why their costs are so much lower than the US.

These numbers are obscene. It’s not fair to clobber the middle class on a basic requirement for life and then see the select few profit so excessively.

ObamaCare could end up helping three of the top-10 improve their lot in years to come. The top spot goes to John Hammergren of McKesson, the largest distributor of both pharmaceuticals and health care I.T. systems. It’s thought to be in a good position to benefit from President Obama’s health care overhaul. With compensation of $131 million this year (most of it from exercising stock options), Hammergren won’t have to worry about waiting in line to see a doctor. Same goes for George Paz (fifth place at $51.5 million), who runs prescription drug distributor ExpressScripts as well as Stephen Hemsley (eighth place at $48.8) of UnitedHealth Group.


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