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Think Progress Video on YouTube: The Double Standard: The 99 Percent Movement & the Tea Party

The Double Standard: The 99 Percent Movement & the Tea Party
Uploaded by  on Oct 8, 2011


just in case it wasn’t clear already


On Friday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) dismissed the Occupy Wall Street protests and the growing 99 Percent Movement as a “mob” dividing “Americans against Americans.” Then yesterday on ABC, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pointed out Cantor’s glaring double standard: When the Tea Party — a similarly grassroots movement claiming the mantle of populism — arose, he happily endorsed it.

In the same vein, Chris Wallace declared on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday that the 99 Percent Movement was getting more coverage “than it deserves.” Of course, Wallace is one of the star hosts of a network that essentially served as the Tea Party movement’s unofficial PR wing, posting dates and times for rallies on its website and promoting Tea Party events during their regular programming.

This double standard of mocking and vilifying the 99 Percent Movement as misguided, irrelevant, or even dangerous, while embracing the Tea Party as a fresh populist cure for the nation’s ills, has been employed universally by the conservative echo changer, with Fox News at its locus.…


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