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LA Medical Cannabis Emergency Response Rally & Protest Noon Friday

LA Medical Cannabis Emergency Response Rally & Protest Noon Friday

(Please distribute widely)

Who:  All Supporters Of Medical Cannabis
What:  Peaceful Rally & Protest
When:  Friday, October 7, 2011 – High Noon
Where:  Los Angeles Federal Building, 255 East Temple Street
Why:  Federal Government Has Announced It Intends To Shut Down Every Collective In California – We Gather In Solidarity With The Emergency Rally In Sacramento Where Feds Will Make Their Official Announcement at 11 a.m.

Today, October 6, 2011, federal authorities announced that they intend to shut down every collective in California –,8599,2096399,00.html

The DEA has teamed up with the IRS and ATF to attack medical cannabis patients across the country.  You can read more news at PAN’s blog, Cannabis Patient Voice –

The feds are going to announce their new policy to close collectives tomorrow, Friday, October 7, 2011, in Sacramento.  We gather to voice our frustration with failed federal policy and the deceit by the Obama Administration.

Bring a friend (or two). Bring a sign.  Be prepared to address the media.

PLEASE – Contact your Congressional Representative by phone or email and let them know how you feel about this new federal crackdown on medical cannabis patients and their rights under the Constitution. Find your representative here:

The time for EVERY patient to get involved is now.  Spread the word.  Each one teach one.  Congress has stated the reason that this battle continues is that THEY DON’T HEAR FROM PATIENTS.  Let them hear from you loud and clear.  In Solidarity.


Degé Coutee
Education & Advocacy Director
Patient Advocacy Network

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