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Jennie Anderson and Mindy Nichamin, blog dot AIDS dot gov: Ready to Join us in Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day 2011?

Ready to Join us in Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day 2011?
by Jennie Anderson, Communications Director, October 4, 2011
Co-authored by Mindy Nichamin, New Media Coordinator

Write. Snap. Share.

That’s how easy it is to participate in’s Facing AIDS 2011 for World AIDS Day (December 1) photo initiative — back by popular demand!

Thousands of you have shared your powerful messages and photos over the past four years and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with this year. Whether you’ve participated in Facing AIDS before or are a newbie, we want to hear from you. By putting a face and a voice to AIDS, you can help promote HIV testing (find an HIV testing site near you) and decrease stigma around HIV.

3 Simple Steps to Join Facing AIDS 2011

  1. Write a message about why you are Facing AIDS. You can download a customizable sign(PDF) or you can create your own.
  2. Snap your photo. Grab your digital camera or cell phone.
  3. Share your photo in the gallery . Upload your photo to and share your photo on your social network profile, blog, or other website. Encourage your friends and family toWrite.Snap.Share!

Organize a Facing AIDS 2011 Event in Your Community
From schools, to community groups, to government offices, to AIDS walks, to friends and family, and more, we encourage you to get people together to take Facing AIDS 2011 photos for World AIDS Day, December 1. You can plan a new event or consider adding a Facing AIDS photo activity to another event or meeting you already have organized. Here are some tools to help you plan:

Interested in learning more about the history of Facing AIDS?
We encourage you to check out these materials our blog posts and videos recapping the 2010,2009, and 2008 initiatives

Want to learn more about World AIDS Day 2011?
For posters, logos and more resources, visit the World AIDS Day page . We encourage you to visit this page often. Stay tuned for more resources for Facing AIDS (in Spanish, too).

Our team is grateful for your support of the important messages of World AIDS Day 2011. We can’t wait to see what photos and messages you create this year (and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WAD2011)!

Are you ready to join us in Facing AIDS?


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