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Voice of Choice dot org

Voice of Choice dot org

Voice of Choice came to be when a father on the periphery of the abortion debate was dragged into the fray by an organized virtual mob of protesters calling him, emailing him and showing up at his daughter’s school. They were misguided and misinformed. Not only were these protesters acting on erroneous information, their unsavory efforts to blackball this parent within his community fell on deaf ears.

The protestors’ actions could only be called bullying. In response, hundreds of concerned community members leapt to this father’s defense by reaching out peacefully and individually to each of the protesters, most of whom regretted their thoughtless, mob-mentality accusations and dispersions.

Here is a Washington Post article describing the events of that day.

But this was only one incident. There are so many more examples of anti-abortion arguments being bull-dozed through our communities with little to no organized response from the other side. Voice of Choice can be the voice of reason, building a grass-roots platform for unpolarized, pro-choice social action.


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