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Robin Joseph, blog dot AIDS dot gov: Your Questions from the White House 30 Years of AIDS Video Chat

Your Questions from the White House 30 Years of AIDS Video Chat
by Robin Joseph, Project Associate, September 13, 2011

Over the summer, collabo-rated with the White House to host a live video chat to com-memorate  30 years of AIDS in the United States. This was a great listening and engaging opportunity for us to learn more about the HIV and AIDS information that our audiences want, and to help plan our future communi-cation activities.

Before and during the event, we reached out to you, our followers, to see what information you hoped to gain from this event. It was interesting to learn what questions you had, so we would like to take this opportunity to share what discovered in the process of reviewing questions submitted.

We collected approximately 300 questions total via the White House webpage in the days leading up to the event, as well as questions received live via Facebook during the chat.  You submitted the majority of questions (approximately 74%) in advance through the White House webpage.

We’ve included a chart showing the various areas that your questions touched upon. The top three categories of questions you submitted related to researchfiscal, and personal inquiries.

Summary of question categories from White House video chat

Research (29%): This category contained requests for more details on finding an  HIV/AIDS cure. In addition, you were interested in gaining more knowledge of basic data (rate of infections, death toll due to AIDS, etc.). You also wanted to know about the origin of AIDSand different modes of transmission.

Fiscal (15%): There were many concerns raised regarding cuts infunding for HIV/AIDS programs, the high cost of the medications, and the future of theAIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). You also expressed interest in transparency onhow AIDS funds are being spent.

Personal (16%): These were questions that related to you on a more personal  level, including comments about personal experiences with AIDS, and words of encouragement for peers.  Also, you mentioned issues such as stigma or discrimination when receiving treatment, and requests for guidance on action steps for communities.

Thank you for your thoughtful questions. From this particular open new media dialogue, we learned a lot about the HIV topics that you want to know more about – in the limited time provided, speakers addressed as many of them as possible. We realize that there are still more to address and will use these questions to help shape our future blog posts, webinars, and website content.

Missed the event? Check out the video.  Interested in learning more about HIV/AIDS? Check out the HIV/AIDS Basics page to learn more. To find where you can go for HIV testing and treatment, as well as mental health, substance abuse, family planning, housing services, and more, check out the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Services Provider Locator.


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