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Fred Muzaale, Daily Monitor (Uganda): Kayunga District loses a life weekly to domestic violence – NGO

Kayunga District loses a life weekly to domestic violence – NGO
by Fred Muzaale, September 13  2011

Kayunga — Authorities and civil society organisations in Kayunga District have blamed the increasing cases of domestic violence on biting poverty in the area, high HIV/Aids prevalence, ignorance and the culture of polygamy.

The Executive Director for Community Awareness and Response on Aids (Cara), Mr Willy Kabiyamba, said at least two people are killed or injured in domestic violence-related incidents in the district every fortnight, with women and children being the most vulnerable.

“With the high poverty levels in Kayunga, many men cannot afford to buy basic necessities such as sugar, salt or soap for their families, so whenever their spouses ask them for these things, they become hostile and fight,” Mr Kabiyamba said.

Bicycles to aide the cause
Mr Kabiyamba said domestic violence cases were highest in the sub-counties of Busaana, Kayunga, Kayonza and Galilaaya.

To fight the increasing cases of domestic violence, Mr Kabiyamba said Cara has trained 120 rights defenders whose responsibility will be to provide knowledge and information on the law to residents and also report cases of domestic violence to relevant authorities. The defenders, who were given bicycles to ease their mobility, will also sensitise residents on how to avoid contracting HIV/aids.

The bicycles were bought using funds donated to the NGO by KIOS, a Finish international rights NGO. The District Police Commander, Ms Barbra Alungat, said the police had embarked on a programme to create awareness among residents on how to avoid domestic violence. She said because of fear and ignorance of the law, many people, especially women, don’t report cases of domestic violence to police.

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