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Robb Nolan, blog dot AIDS dot gov: 30 Years of AIDS: Phill Wilson, Executive Director, Black AIDS Institute

30 Years of AIDS: Phill Wilson, Executive Director, Black AIDS Institute
by Robb Nolan, Technical and Video Coordinator, September 12, 2011
video interview

In our fourth installment of our six-week video seriesBlack AIDS Institute Exit Disclaimer President, Founder, and CEO Phill Wilson discusses his experiences over the past 30 years of AIDS. Mr. Wilson founded the Black AIDS Institute to stop the AIDS pandemic in black communities by engaging and mobilizing black institutions and individuals.

Reflecting on his years confronting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the U.S. over the last 30 years, Mr. Wilson remarked:

“I used to say that I didn’t believe that I would live to see the end of this epidemic. I don’t say that anymore. I believe that it is entirely possible that I will see the end of this epidemic, but we are at one of those deciding moments. Whether we end it now or not is totally up to us.”

The following video highlights a recent interview with Mr. Wilson as he discusses his work in HIV policy and politics over the last 30 years, the advancements in treatment, and the responsibility of the community to get involved in policy to spur change.


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