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CDC, MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report): Clinical and Behavioral Characteristics of Adults Receiving Medical Care for HIV Infection — Medical Monitoring Project, United States, 2007

Clinical and Behavioral Characteristics of Adults Receiving Medical Care for HIV Infection — Medical Monitoring Project, United States, 2007 
from CDC, September 2, 2011


A long and unpleasant report card/pdf with mind-numbing rhythm, diction, structure, forbidding tones and deceptive paragraphing. We are still catching up with what we knew already. Though voluminous, the report fails to offer enough new significant information to be useful as an effective guide to current & pending health policy decisions. The MMWR report has the effect of being more narcissistic than scientific. By the uninfected. For the uninfected. About the marginalized & otherwise insignificant.


“Persons infected with HIV who are not receiving needed ancillary services highlight missed opportunities for access to care and other supportive services, information that can be used to advocate for additional resources. Drug use among persons with HIV infection underscores the continued need for substance abuse treatment services for this population. In addition, prevention services and programs are needed to decrease the number of HIV-infected persons engaging in unprotected sex. The data in this report can be included in local, state, and national HIV/AIDS epidemiologic profiles and shared with community stakeholders. Although data from the 2007 MMP cycle might not be representative of all persons receiving medical care for HIV infection in the United States or in the individual project areas, future MMP cycles are expected to yield weighted national estimates representing all HIV-infected persons receiving medical care in the United States.”


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