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Richard Kearns, AIDSoverSIXTY: Hypothermia

by Richard Kearns, September 1, 2011

it’s like the opposite
of radiator fluid &
i’m sitting on a
twelve by twenty-four
blue-felt hot pad
(wrapped in it)
afraid to fall
afraid i won’t

there is an untame wind
come screaming &
huffing out of sharon
calling me to
sail sail away
past the moon
past suns
past too many dark &
rhinestone-studded clouds
past spirit dust
past dreams & joy
past me
past you
past shadows
past truth
past this day
past the new
past illusion
past what & who
past breath
past beat
past beauty
past heat
(& i hope)
past politics & pain’s
repeat refrains
past past

wake up


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