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Americans for Safe Access: Tell Governor Brown to veto SB 847 and AB 1300

Tell Governor Brown to veto SB 847 and AB 1300
from Americans for Safe Access, August 28, 2011

The California Legislature has adopted two bills that may severely limit safe access to medicine in our communities. Tell Governor Jerry Brown to veto Senator Lou Correa’s (D-Santa Ana) SB 847 and Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield’s (D-Van Nuys) AB 1300. Tell the Governor that we should find better solutions to regulating medical cannabis in California.

SB 847 requires that legal medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives be located at least 600 feet from residential uses and zones statewide. This means eliminating vast swaths of safe and easily accessible commercial property for patients associations. Research conducted by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) almost sixteen years of experience show that cooperatives and collectives can be good neighbors. We do not need harsh restrictions like these.

AB 1300 will explicitly allow cities and counties to ban medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives – even if we win ongoing court battles. This bill will add momentum to the anti-medical cannabis lobby and increase the number of communities with no access to medical cannabis. AB 1300 flies in the face of the will of the voters who adopted Proposition 215 in 1996. Let’s regulate medical cannabis, not ban it!

Write to Governor Brown today and ask him to veto SB 847 and AB 1300.

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