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Richard Kearns, AIDSoverSIXTY: the new lil’ blue

the new lil’ blue
by Richard Kearns, August 26, 2011

“Expanding the use of antiretrovirals to include pre-exposure prophylaxis will increase the risk of resistance, which is already a serious problem.”  —Lancet Infectious Diseases editorial, September 2011

with the new lil’ blue
you can do it natural & true
you can do it naked & un-cue’d
you can do it fear & fancy-free
un-self-censored & spontaneously
you can skip around those
goody-two-shoes rules
devised to indict have-nots & children &
never rue which head’s in charge
but you gotta be rich &
aspire to be white
you gotta not-quite-cheat & want
better things from life
you gotta let the good times stiff you up
safe as a thick slick snickery railroad spike
teflonized against all guilt or blame
trailing slime & precum & drool &
other frothy-like almost-bodily fluids
so if you catch it you won’t get it &
if you get it then
you’re already on
the virtual cure
isn’t it like time served?
(no, it’s like immunizing your store of virus)
this is gilead. this is medication
with its patent running out
not medicine for patients
with their time running out
this is not a cure, or even a “pre”-cure
this is charging $12,000.00
per year per person for a pill that costs
less than $80.00
per prescription per year to produce— 
a pill that won’t work eventually
because the virus will resist, adjust, adapt
(something our species used to choose to do)—
big pharma is holding us hostage with greed
recalling those heavy chains of gold
that pass for fashion statements of
conspicuous consumption
what profit is in freedom?
who pays? with what?
for what?
then what?



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