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Richard Kearns, AIDSoverSIXTY: The reincarnation of central control

The Reincarnation of Central Control
by Richard Kearns, August 25, 2011

Central Control is a voice that’s
always somewhere, but you
never quite know
the song it’s gonna sing

this time it doesn’t murmur
subscriptions & retirements &
returned mail & death
(though we try hard to avoid
cutting to that final chase)

my legs were water balloons
they were hip-high stream-filled
fly-fishing waders, complete with
mother nature olive suspenders &
sloshing on the inside like mud
to the tune of twenty pounds &
my toes were ready to pop off
like ripe & red & cold & fleshy
seedless summer grapes

i have doubled up
on my diuretics
peeing hourly
my face & back &
head & neck
all desert dunes
& crust
ten ponds gone
in 36 & ten more
to go when
they’re gone

i will
i shall



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