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Jane Carper, blog dot AIDS dot gov: Federal Voices Addressing HIV/AIDS with New Media

Federal Voices Addressing HIV/AIDS with New Media
by Jane Carper, Intern,

At we manage and receive guidance from the Federal HIV/AIDS Web Council (FHAWC). Its members are the federal agencies that address HIV testing, care and treatment, research and policy issues. During my internship with this summer, I took a look at how the agencies of the Council are drawing on new media platforms to extend the reach of federal HIV/AIDS information.

Federal Programs Active on New Media Platforms

My review revealed an exciting level of federal interest in and use of these platforms. Every Council agency is present on at least one new media platform, with the most popular platforms being Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Here are a few examples:

Several agencies have also created dedicated social media pages which list all their new media activities, such as the CDC’s social media page.

Where will federal agencies go with new media?

New media is an ever-changing realm of communications, where innovative ways to connect with your community are being developed each day. As the team and the Council continue to collaborate, we look forward to sharing additional examples of how these agencies are using their presence on social media channels and adapting to new tools. (Google+, Foursquare, etc.) Currently, Council members are working to respond to the Executive Order for Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service, and are learning from the resources provided by the HHS Center for New Media and also from non-governmental users.



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