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SCOTUSblog: Links to special articles

Links to special articles
from SCOTUSblog, August 19, 2011


i normally love reading the SCOTUSblog (Suprem Court of the US), but have not had time to keep up with it since the session closed. but you might want to follow some of the recent links on this online symposium there.


Archive: Special Features

08.19.11 Erwin Chemerinsky The time for marriage equality has finally arrived
08.19.11 Andrew Koppelman Why the Supreme Court will strike down DOMA
08.18.11 Dale Carpenter – Guest Perry as Politics
08.18.11 Brian Raum If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em
08.18.11 Bob Barr – Guest The true marriage divide
08.17.11 William Duncan – Guest Same-sex marriage: The tortuous road to the Supreme Court
08.17.11 Carlos Ball – Guest Why timing is crucial in the ongoing same-sex marriage cases
08.17.11 Ruthann Robson – Guest What’s rational about rational basis review?
08.16.11 Larry Tribe Guest Responding to the Eleventh Circuit and to Richard Epstein
08.16.11 Neil S. Siegel Free riding on benevolence: Why the mandate is within the scope of the commerce power
08.16.11 Thomas C. Berg – Guest Same-sex marriage and religious liberty
08.15.11 Robert A Levy – Guest Marriage equality: religious freedom, federalism, and judicial activism
08.15.11 William Eskridge – Guest Marriage equality state by state
08.15.11 Kali Borkoski Announcing symposium on same-sex marriage
08.12.11 Richard A. Epstein The Constitutional challenges to the PPACA: Why don’t we go back to first principles
08.12.11 Lyle Denniston Health insurance mandate struck down
08.11.11 Orin Kerr Affordable Care Act predictions
08.10.11 Ilya Somin Will the Supreme Court give Congress an unlimited mandate for mandates?
08.10.11 Jonathan Adler What does the mandate regulate?
08.09.11 Elizabeth Price Foley Limited government, federalism, and the Affordable Care Act
08.09.11 Elizabeth Wydra Finding support for the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act in constitutional text and history
08.08.11 Cory Andrews Reading the constitutional tea leaves: How will the Supremes vote on the Affordable Care Act?
08.08.11 Stephen Presser Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act constitutional? What should the Supreme Court do?
08.05.11 Erwin Chemerinsky The health care law is constitutional
08.05.11 Robert Schapiro Following Judge Sutton’s rejection of the “inactivity” argument, the Supreme Court can take its time
08.05.11 Steven Schwinn – Guest The ACA and the Tenth Amendment
08.05.11 Adam Winkler Gotcha
08.04.11 Laurence Tribe The limits of intuition
08.04.11 David B. Rivkin and Lee A. Casey Why the Court will strike down PPACA
08.04.11 Mark Hall A sixth sense: What Judge Sutton’s opinion foretells


08.04.11 Abbe R. Gluck and Gillian Metzger Just the facts: Health economics and constitutional doctrine
08.03.11 John Kroger – Guest The constitutionality of the ACA is not a close call
08.03.11 Ilya Shapiro – Guest The individual mandate: An unprecedented expansion of federal power
08.03.11 Dawn Johnsen The simple case for the Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality
08.02.11 David Kopel Granting certiorari to an ACA challenge
08.02.11 Bradley Joondeph Five questions that matter
08.02.11 Robert A Levy – Guest PPACA’s mandate: Not commerce, not interstate, not necessary, not proper
08.01.11 Charles Fried The health care mandate
08.01.11 Kiera Flynn The constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Updated)
07.28.11 Lyle Denniston First health care appeal filed
07.25.11 Ilya Shapiro – Guest It’s all over but the cert.-granting
07.21.11 Rogers Smith – Guest Response to S.B. 1070 symposium posts
07.19.11 Kevin Johnson – Guest Response to Arizona v. United States symposium contributors
07.18.11 Lauren Gilbert – Guest Preemption, textualism, and agency failure
07.18.11 Richard Samp – Guest Response to Arizona v. United States symposium contributors
07.15.11 Larry Joseph – Guest Arizona v. United States: Narrowing “prevent-or-frustrate” conflict preemption
07.15.11 Lauren Gilbert – Guest Presuming preemption: Implications of Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting
07.14.11 Margaret Stock – Guest Arizona v. United States: The tail wagging the dog on regulating immigration enforcement
07.14.11 Hope Lewis – Guest Human rights implications of Arizona v. United States
07.14.11 Carol Swain – Guest Why the Court should uphold S.B.1070
07.13.11 Carissa Hessick – Guest Mirror image theory in state immigration regulation
07.13.11 Rogers Smith – Guest The constitutionality of “attrition through enforcement”
07.13.11 Ilya Shapiro – Guest S.B. 1070: Constitutional but bad policy
07.12.11 Roderick Hills – Guest Textualism and open questions about S.B. 1070
07.12.11 Peter Spiro – Guest Why the Court will duck S.B. 1070 case (for now)
07.11.11 Kevin Johnson – Guest S.B. 1070: Federal preemption and why the Court won’t address civil rights issues
07.11.11 Richard Samp – Guest The constitutionality of S.B. 1070
07.11.11 Kali Borkoski UPDATED: Announcing an on-line symposium on Arizona v. United States
06.29.11 Lyle Denniston Health insurance mandate survives — narrowly
06.01.11 Lyle Denniston U.S.: Keep health care case going (UPDATED)

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