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Michael Hayne, Addicting Info: While Americans Go Hungry, Sarah Palin Spends $14,000 on Stickers for Bus

While Americans Go Hungry, Sarah Palin Spends $14,000 on Stickers for Bus
by Michael Hayne, August 21, 2011


“. . . Sarah Palin squandered $14,000 to essentially pimp out an RV and make it look like a 10 year old school girl’s bookbinder on wheels . . .”

Remember when Johnny Walnuts McCain cynically thought he could siphon PUMA votes from Obama when he chose the funny talking Avon lady to be his running mate?  Then do you remember how the funny talking Avon lady proceeded to spend $150,000 campaign dollars on a Neiman Marcus shopping spree so she could look real purty for all of those horny NASCAR Republican dudes, which was later deemed legal by the FEC? Well, now it seems  that America’s favorite winking grifter managed to spend a whopping $14,000 on crappy decal stickers for her “One Nation” East Coast bus tour, which amounted to nothing more than a premise to a National Lampoon’s  Snowbilly Vacation spin-off.

 Sarah Palin’s political action committee spent tens of thousands of dollars covering the costs of the former Alaska governor’s “One Nation” East Coast bus tour this spring — a trip that Palin (R) has repeatedly characterized as a “family vacation, according to the Washington Post.

But this is the almighty snow queen of the north, so the story could not possibly get any better.

According to a list of itemized expenditures filed by SarahPAC to the Federal Elections Committee and published Thursday, Palin’s committee spent nearly $14,000 on the “bus wrap,” according to the Washington Post.

In case you didn’t get that due to spitting your Starbucks latte across the computer screen, Sarah Palin squandered $14,000 to essentially pimp out an RV and make it look like a 10 year old school girl’s bookbinder on wheels–all for the exhilaration of trying to best her evil, dumber twin, Michele Bachmann, as well as to steal attention from the real Republican presidential candidates. After all, she’s been pimping out America for the past three years.

So while Americans are diving into dumpsters to feed their families; while citizens with advanced college degrees either remain unemployed or work at Taco Bell; while seniors are being told that they have to sacrifice their medicare in order to make rich people even richer and to keep war profiteers at Halliburton happy as two (or is it three?) pointless wars rage on; and while young women seeking birth control so as to prevent unnecessary economic burdens are being cast aside, the quitting, American history butchering grifter from Alaska is spending $14,000 on crappy stickers in a transparently vain effort to keep her ego relevant as her Reality TV star status is rapidly falling.

In short, there may be a more decisive end to cancer than this one woman’s criminally reckless behavior and blatantly hypocritical actions. In all actuality, it might have all been worth it had Sarah used one of those stickers to glue her mouth shut.


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