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Radio Cadena Agramonte (Cuba): New Book on HIV-AIDS Launched in Cuba

New Book on HIV-AIDS Launched in Cuba
from Radio Cadena Agramonte (Cuba), August 17, 2011

Havana, Cuba, Aug 17.- The book “Sida: nuevas confesiones a un medico” (AIDS: new confessions to a doctor), by Doctor Jorge Perez will be launched on Saturday, August 20, in the Arms Square, in Havana city.

This piece, published by the Abril publishing house, comprises testimonies that reveal new faces of HIV in Cuba today, from the professional experience of its author who has devoted more than 25 years to the study and treatment of this disease.

As Ada Alfonso wrote in the preface, this book also shows the author’s perseverance in the struggle against this epidemic, and the political will of the Cuban government to decrease the consequences of this virus from the viewpoint of a doctor, a man, a father, a grandparent, and a friend.

The antecedent of this book was also written by Perez, current director of the Pedro Kouri Institute on Tropical Medicine (IPK), where he deals with the start of HIV in Cuba.

The Cuban film “Boleto al Paraiso” (Ticket to paradise), premiered during that past Latin American New Cinema Festival of Havana, is based on real facts included in that first book of testimonies.

The film, directed by Gerardo Chijona, tells the story of teenagers that run away from oppressive family environments as the solution to their unfortunate lives and one of them decides to get infected with HIV-AIDS.

Critics note that the new book is not a commercial saga of the first one due to the acceptance of Chijona’s film. They affirm that it is the result of the need to raise awareness in view of the increase of HIV infection rates in the country.

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