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Jeremy Kinser, the Advocate: Acclaimed AIDS Documentary Sparks Discussion Between Survivors and Younger Gays Opens September 9

Acclaimed AIDS Documentary Sparks Discussion Between Survivors and Younger Gays Opens September 9
by Jeremy Kinser, August 17, 2011



A brief story from LA (not SF): “—beep—hello Richard, my name is Jim. You don’t know me but we found your phone number in Thom Smith’s phone book and thought you would want to know there’s a memorial service for him tomorrow afternoon at . . .” (this happened too many times.) We spent weekends secretly carpooling to services.


The terrifying early years of the AIDS epidemic and how it ravaged San Francisco are the focus of the affecting documentaryWe Were Here.

While the topic might seem familiar, thanks to festival screenings earlier this year the documentary has helped spark a dialogue between those who lived through the period and a younger generation of gay men who are often afraid to ask about it. Director David Weissman said the filming was an emotional experience. “We cried pretty much every day in the editing room, but there was a point where we realized we weren’t crying at sadness, we were crying at beauty,” the veteran filmmaker told The Advocate. “Partly the beauty that was being expressed on-screen but partly a realization of what it might generate, the healing capacity of the film.”

We Were Here will open in limited release September 9.

Watch the trailer below.


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