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Dege Coutee, Patient Advocacy Network: Draft of new California Attorney General guidelines for medical cannabis

Draft of new California Attorney General guidelines for medical cannabis
by Dege Coutee, August 8, 2011

I recently contacted the California Attorney General’s office regarding the status of the 21-page, 9MB draft, revised, medical marijuana guidelines, available here, titled Guidelines for the Security and non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use.

The AG’s office would only state that the guidelines were still in the draft stage and any progression in the process of a final publication was pending. The first page of the document has what appears to be a handwritten notation: “Leaked 7/7.”

I encourage you to review these expanded guidelines. The expectation of what the relationship between collectives, patients and cultivators should be is more clearly defined. The expectation of the business conduct and record keeping of collectives/cooperatives is also more clearly defined.

In addition to these suggested guidelines for collective/cooperative operations, the draft provides for criminal enforcement guidelines for law enforcement agencies and covers local regulation.

I strongly urge your feedback as I will remain in contact with the AG’soffice while this draft is pending. Your input is extremely important. I welcome a discussion group for anyone interested. Many thanks.


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