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Queerty: (Bride Wars) OMG: Fox News Is Helping To Publish A Gay-Wedding Magazine!

(Bride Wars) OMG: Fox News Is Helping To Publish A Gay-Wedding Magazine!
from Queerty, August 6, 2011

Once the ink dried on New York State’s marriage-equality amendment, businesses of all kinds went into overdrive to court the LGBT market—hotels, car-rental companies, caterers … News Corp.

Yep, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Fox News is getting ready to publishWEDDING Pride, a high-end glossy magazine featuring “editorial content that celebrates the Gay Community and its recent achievement.”

Launching in September, the mag (produced by News Corp’s Community Newspaper Group subsidiary) will have an initial distribution of 35,000 among “the traditional as well as the newer gay and gay friendly communities within the Tri-State area.” (Translation: Chelsea, Park Slope, Fire Island, Montclair, South Orange, Asbury Park.)

While we have no problem with the commercialization of gay marriage, News Corp’s record on marriage equality ain’t so hot. As Gay Cities News pointed out, a  New York Post editorial from June 14 said, “There is no denying that same-sex marriage could become law this year. This reflects a seismic shift in society’s attitudes on the issue and a growing acceptance of gays in general. Still, the question is vexing. But if we had a vote, it would be no. Marriage as an institution has fallen on hard times in recent years. But that’s no excuse for weakening it further.” Aww, does that mean you’re not sending a present?

If you’re a wedding singer or florist and want in on this action, we’ve included a copy WEDDING Pride‘s ad specs. Hurry up, though, the reservation deadline is August 19!


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