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Kanika Mehta, Top News, United Arab Emirates: The World: Sundered by AIDS, Soldered by Compassion

The World: Sundered by AIDS, Soldered by Compassion
by Kanika Mehta, August 6, 2011

No wonder AIDS, the insurgent termite, has eaten through the peace, bliss and serenity of the world. Those battling it out against HIV/AIDS may look alone, but they are not lonely. The world, which seems like segregated by AIDS, is in fact fused by humanity.

Last month, at the International AIDS Society’s annual meeting in Rome, there was a lot to cheer about.

But, the climax was the presentation of solid indication that antiretroviral therapy does more than treat HIV, it can nip in the virus bud.

New observations from the HIV Prevention Trials Network have displayed that timely treatment for people living with HIV can trim down sexual transmission to their partners up to 96%.

And there is commanding evidence that male circumcision is potent in corking HIV in men.

But amid all the good news, one stubborn fact was hard to digest: AIDS remains a metaphor for discrimination.

In the world’s wealthier segments, where antidotes are easily accessible, AIDS is becoming a chronic bug rather than a death sentence.

But in the developing and under-developed world, 1.8 million people surrender against AIDS each year.

The fact hardly perforates our mind that life is not valued equally across the world. This is morally erroneous and deplorable.

It’s time now for us to peek beyond the near-term expenditures to the harvest long-term turnovers of innovation and investment for AIDS.


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