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canada dot com: Gallery: Celebs turning 50 in 2011

Gallery: Celebs turning 50 in 2011
from, August 2, 2011



I was also born in 1951. So was Carmen Trutanich. Year of the Rabbit. Click on the thumbnail photos after the jump. Don’t forget it’s a Canadian list. 


25 of the top names celebrating the half-century mark this year.

U.S. President Barack Obama born August 4, 1951.
U.S. President Barack Obama born August 4, 1951. Happy birthday, Mr. President.
U.S. President Barack Obama born August 4, 1951.
Hollywood actor George Clooney born May 6, 1961.
Hockey great Wayne Gretzky was born January 26, 1961.
Actress Meg Ryan born November 19, 1961.
Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson born December 30, 1961
Actor Robert Carlyle born April 16, 1961.
Former Edmonton Oiler Paul Coffey born June 1, 1961
Irish singer and songwriter Enya was born May 17, 1961.
Actor Laurence Fishburne was born July 30, 1961
Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus was born August 25, 1961
Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman born on May 13, 1961.
Reality game show host Jeff Probst born November 4, 1961.
Singer k.d. lang born November 2, 1961
Actor Woody Harrelson born July 23, 1961
Comedian and actor Eddie Murphy born April 3, 1961.
Singer Susan Boyle born April 1, 1961
Seinfeld co-star Julia-Louis Dreyfus born January 13, 1961.
Canadian actor Michael J. Fox born June 9, 1961.
Musician Melissa Etheridge was born May 29, 1961.
Comedian, writer and actor Ricky Gervais born June 25, 1961.
Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard born September 29, 1961
NFL quarterback legend Dan Marino (right) born September 15, 1951.
British singer and musician Boy George was born June 14, 1961
Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson was born October 31, 1961
Conservative MP Tony Clement born January 27, 1961

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