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Robert Griffith, Age Healthily: HIV As Well As AIDS Are Real Risks For Those Over 50

HIV As Well As AIDS Are Real Risks For Those Over 50
by Age Healthily, August 5, 2011

Simply because you’re over 50, doesn’t mean you aren’t prone to getting HIV or even AIDS.

You can find out more about these risks and also the particular problems of the disease in seniors in this tip-sheet in the US National Organization on HIV More than Fifty. This post is taken, along with permission, from the actual National Association upon HIV Over 50 (NAHOF) website. NAHOF was founded in the National Conference upon AIDS and Getting older in October associated with 1995 in Nyc. Their mission would be to promote the accessibility to a full selection of educational, prevention, service and healthcare programs for individuals over age fifty suffering from HIV.

Robert Griffith, Editor
Facts About HIV and Helps with Older People

Between 11 as well as 15% of Ough. S. AIDS instances occur in individuals over age 50. Amounts of cases are likely to increase, as people of ages survive longer because of triple-combination drug therapy along with other treatment advances. In between 1991 and 1996, AIDS cases within the over-50 population rose a lot more than twice as quick as those amongst younger adults. Older people with HIV infection or AIDS tend to be invisible, isolated as well as ignored. Despite misconceptions and stereotypes, numerous seniors are sexually energetic, and, some tend to be drug users; consequently, their behaviors may put them in danger for HIV an infection. Health care as well as service providers–and old adults, themselves–do not understand that seniors are in the same risk because other age populations; professionals often are reluctant to go over or question issues of sexuality along with aging patients/clients. Rates of HIV an infection (not AIDS) in seniors are specifically difficult to determine because seniors are not regularly tested. Most older individuals are first identified as having HIV at the late stage associated with infection, and often turn out to be ill with AIDS-related problems and die earlier than their younger counterparts; these deaths could be attributed to unique misdiagnoses and defense systems that normally weaken with grow older. HIV/AIDS educational strategies and programs aren’t targeted at/to old individuals (how frequently does a old and wrinkly face appear on the prevention poster? ). Seniors are not likely to consistently make use of condoms during sex due to a generational mindset as well as unfamiliarity with HIV/STD avoidance methods. Special ConsiderationsWhile men who’ve sex with men form the biggest group of AIDS cases within the over-50 population, the amount of cases in ladies infected heterosexually happen to be rising at a greater rate and comprise a larger percentage as age increases to the 60s and old. Because of the actual stigma, it could be difficult for senior citizens – women, particularly – to reveal their HIV standing to family, buddies and their neighborhood. For older ladies, there are unique considerations: after menopause, condom use for contraception becomes unimportant, and normal aging changes like a decrease in genital lubrication and loss vaginal walls may put them from higher risk during unprotected intercourse. As HIV symptoms often act like those associated along with aging (fatigue, weight reduction, dementia, skin rashes, inflamed lymph nodes), misdiagnosis is regular in older those who are, in fact, contaminated. HIV-infected seniors are sensitive to some cultural attitude which assumes: “Elderly people possess lived their lives – what exactly if they pass away from AIDS? “Older individuals might confront social as well as professional bias concerning the allocation of limited healthcare services and resources open to the AIDS neighborhood (i. e., “why throw away cash on the seniors? “). Because aging itself lowers energy and results within restrictions in social routines which could cause emotional/psychological difficulties, the older grownup additionally infected along with HIV may really feel another “loss” as well as endure more severedepression. Seniors often are not as likely to find assistance and comfort among friends and family, and because they’re traditionally not comfortable in organizations, they may end up being less inclined to become listed on them, citing insufficient shared experiences regarding different issues. Because of the general lack of understanding of HIV/AIDS in old adults, this segment from the population, for probably the most part, has already been omitted from investigation, clinical drug tests, educational prevention applications and intervention initiatives. Necessary ActionSpecific programs should be implemented for old adults who have to be informed about the actual transmission and avoidance of HIV. Outreach will include workshops and trainings dedicated to basic HIV/AIDS info, “safe” sexual as well as drug-using practices, screening, negotiation skills -all within relationship to getting older. More research is required to study seniors’ lovemaking and drug-using behaviors and also to determine HIV illness progression and treatments within the over-50 population. Healthcare and service companies on all levels ought to be educated on HIV danger behaviors and signs and symptoms of HIV an infection; they need in order to conduct thorough intercourse and drug-use risk assessments using their older clients/patients. Programs targeted at reaching health care and providers should cover misdiagnoses, screening technologies, treatments, organizations, case management and also the importance of being actively active in the health and well-being of the older clients/patients. Successful media as well as social marketing strategies can raise understanding of HIV/AIDS in seniors and reinforce the requirement for educational applications, while promoting regard and validation for that elderly as an organization. SourceThe National Organization on HIV More than Fifty (NAHOF) web site accessed on 5/22/04 from: http: //www. hivoverfifty. org/index. html Associated Links National Organization on HIV More than Fifty (NAHOF) HealthLink: Another, Older Face associated with AIDS

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